What’s in the Box?

Have you opened the box yet ?


These unique designs will keep you warm through the fall and winter months while you dream about the next sailing season ⛵️.

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Setting Sail

To set sail means to begin a voyage. The last year of my life has me doing just that. Last May I found myself starting to spend time with an old friend, Chris who had always been tremendously important to me and as we grew up together we took turns drifting in and out of each other’s lives. I would say it was by chance but I feel I was almost energetically compelled to text him when I was in the area one day. Instantly I felt that things were different. Chris talked about working on his sailboat and invited me out on it over the summer. also invited me out to race on the boat he had been crewing on for the last few years. This is really where the story begins.

In a few weeks time I was out on that boat and my new life, my voyage was beginning. Doing a sail boat race or a regatta was unlike anything I had ever experienced before in my life. Everything has to be copacetic. You have fulfill your role on the boat like a well oiled machine. Small errors can cost you a place in the race as quickly as you gained it. All of this with quick maneuvers and being at the mercy of the weather. Unpredictable wind gusts, rain, waves from a freighter that is a mile out that is now throwing off the course or perhaps propelling you forward.

I was hooked pretty much instantly. Mostly because half the time I was terrified. When I’m afraid and uncomfortable that is when I believe I am doing the most growing. So as much as I wanted to shy away from the fear I didn’t. Which brings me to the another part of my voyage.

While I was falling in love with sailing, I was also falling for Chris.

We sail ,we camp, we climb, and we play. We work hard , we grow together, and we love.

In this blog I will include those adventures.